Dr. Julie Tran and Dr. Jorge Way are superb dentists. They have a fantastic and well trained staff, clean and modern facilities, and provide outstanding service. Both Dr. Tran and Dr. Way are easy to talk to, they take time to explain procedures, and each provide truly compassionate care to their patients. I highly recommend their practice and believe they are one of the best dental groups in the DC National Capital Region.

Karen B.


Del Ray Smiles is an absolutely wonderful dental practice. The staff are so incredibly nice and both dentists are true professionals. They’re very knowledgeable and very honest about how your teeth are doing and what your real areas of concern are. I’ve been with the practice about four years now and will continue to be a loyal patient!

Francesca R.



The staff is so kind, friendly, & professional. They genuinely care about your health & the health of your mouth!! They treat you like family!

Stacy P 


Fue una experiencia exelente desde el principio todo el personal fue super amable con mis hijos. Quieren ir ahi todo el tiempo los niños y lo mejor que uno de los doctores habla nuestro primer idioma el español como tambien la recepcion eso es importante.

(Translated by Google) It was an excellent experience from the beginning all the staff was super nice with my children. They want to go there all the time the children and the best that one of the doctors speaks our first language the Spanish as well as the reception that is important.

Alba R.



They are my favorite dentist on the area. The first one that I have found since I moved here that provided me with a positive experience. Come here and I can't imagine you will be dissatisfied.

Michael L.



I have never had such a friendly, welcoming experience at a dentists office before. The service is beyond exceptional, and the dentists and hygienists really seem to care about the patients. They devoted time and really focused on me. The atmosphere is extremely relaxing with peaceful music and screens playing serene nature video.

Alaina M.

Excellent experience! The staff and Dr. Tran are all very conscientious and kind. So far very happy with my new dentist! ❤️

Allen P.



As always, a delightful experience! I'm fortunate to have such a great team take care of my teeth, well, my whole mouth and lower jaw area. Thanks to Dr. Tran for building the team and for being a wonderful community member.

Lynn D.


Unlike any dentist I’ve been to. Calming environment, professional and courteous staff. Thorough and clear communication. We’re very happy to have our whole family so well taken care of.

John S.


Del Ray Smiles keeps me smiling
Dr. Tran and her office people are wonderful to work with, friendly and competent. I feel confident that my teeth are in great health, Dr. Tran is great, never rushed. I never knew that going to the dentist could be like visiting friends.

Gary C. 



5 stars! Great Office!
Have worked in Dentistry 29yrs, so when moved to the area knew what I was looking for in a dental practice. Dr. Tran & her staff completed my initial exam & my following cleaning appointment just as myself & my previous staff would have! Very friendly, professional & informative. They were very thorough & made a point of making sure that I was comfortable & all my needs met. No big clinic that your not sure who you will see this time. No rush-em-in, rush-em-out. Just some very personalized service! They also have a great web site that allows you to ck your account, insurance info, & flex plan balance at any time. I will be returning next week to have some fillings replaced & am looking forward to it. Oh, and did I mention that they didn't know about my dental background so the super attention & competency I got is what everyone receives. Dr. Tran, you have got a great office & staff working in a way that many dental professionals never get to. Keep up the great work!

Pamela J.


As someone who has worked in customer service for over 6 years, I can really appreciate when others do exceptional jobs. I have had great experiences with every appointment and would recommend the service to anyone around me. My daughter is only eight months old but when the time is right, I know who to trust with all of her dental needs. Thank you all for your service!

Mauricio P.



Trusting My Teeth to Dr. Tran
I am very happy to trust my teeth to Dr. Tran. She has great attention to detail and takes care to explain things to me in a way I can understand. The staff has always been very, very nice to me. I have never had any unpleasant interactions! They were even very nice to me when I made an appointment on my birthday this year. It made me want to come back again on my birthday next year! I would recommend them for any friends or family looking for a dentist. In fact, I have!

Amy B.



Every aspect was excellent!
From calling to make my first appointment to the appointment itself, every interaction with Dr. Julie Tran's office was excellent. Everyone was helpful, friendly, efficient and professional. It was a pleasure to deal with such a competent group of people. If only all medical/dental offices had this level of customer service and professionalism! I couldn't recommend the office highly enough.

Kara G.



Best dental experience!
Dr. Tran and her staff are the best. They are very professional and friendly. Everything is explained in detail and the cleaning is done with care.

Catherine H.



Highly Recommend - Two thumbs up!
Just moved to the area and chose Dr. Tran's office because it is highly rated on Yelp. I've now had two visits and was very happy with the experience. Everybody in the office is very friendly (I'm on a first name basis with half the office), but more importantly they are knowledgeable and took care and patience in explaining what they were doing and pointing out potential problem areas. I already have follow-up appointments scheduled and am sending my wife their way as well.

Russell K.



Excellent Dental Care!
Dr. Tran and her staff are great and I have received excellent dental care from their office since I started there over 3 years ago. Her staff is professional, friendly and have always been able to accommodate my schedule whether for a regular checkup or on an emergency basis. The dental hygienist is a perfectionist and very good at her job. I have complete confidence in Dr. Tran and believe that I have received exceptional care from her. She is able to explain my dental care needs in a clear way and she ensures that I am comfortable during all procedures. I highly recommend this practice.

Greta R.



This was my 1st visit to Dr. Tran and I'm extremely impressed. Dr. Tran and her staff are friendly, patient, knowledgeable, and extremely competent. She definitely looks after her patient's best interests. Her office is beautiful and comfortable, and she has top-notch staff and equipment. I would highly recommend Dr. Tran's office to anyone.

Sonya G.

I have to say from the first contact with Delray Smiles office I felt a welcome openness from Jonnie Walls that was both refreshing and professional. And when I came through the front door she confirmed it again--listening to my concerns, responding to my concerns and planning ahead to develop a program plan that would work for me (and this is all day one). Then onto Ishmael and Dr. Tran. I can only expand on my praise along the same lines to say they were remarkably insightful, patient and professional. I can honestly say that I think I am actually looking forward to my next dental appointment! What a great team.

Lauren M.



Outstanding Experience
From the time that I called to set up the appointment, 'til I walked out of the dental office, I was treated better than I had ever experienced at a dentist. The staff are friendly and professional and are very thorough. Excellent overall, I recommend Dr. Tran to everyone

Eugene F.



Highly recommend Dr. Tran and Del Ray Smiles
Dr. Tran and the entire staff at Del Ray Smiles are excellent. They were professional, friendly, and made me feel at ease. Dr. Tran was very thorough and took her time with me to explain everything. I would highly recommend this office.

Candice K.



Very professional
Dr Tran and her staff are very professional and friendly. They are flexible and always meet our needs and expectations. My husband, son and I are very satisfied with the services received at Dr. Tran's practice.

Angela D.


A superb dentist office
Professional, personable, caring, immaculate and so very considerate. My wife and I love this dentist and all the office staff, they comprise a superb example of setting the bar high for dental care providers.

Kevin R.



(5 stars) All dentists offices should follow this example
Top 5 reasons why you should make Julie Tran DDS your dentist: 5. Comfortable lobby, comfortable chair, and a television to watch while you're being worked on. With past dentists, I used to stare at what was being done in the light reflection which can be a little nerve-wracking. Watching "Life" makes is 10x more enjoyable. 4. Extremely easy to make an appointment. You can do it online or you can make a phone call. 3. During my new patient check-in (where they do x-rays and initial report of your teeth)...they take pictures of your teeth and you go through each tooth and what does and does not need to be done. I wish all dentists knew that instead of just brazenly looking in your mouth and saying "you need fillings because I said you do". Seeing it for myself was eye-opening. 2. The front desk receptionist (although I think her title should be Front Desk everywoman) offers to put the treatment plan from most important to least important and the cost, so you know what you're getting and what to expect to pay for. Why doesn't EVERYONE do this? It's disconcerting getting a bill, thinking "it cost THAT much to clean my tooth?" 1. Dr. Tran explains everything very clearly. She's very easy to get along with (and it's not fake with some dentists) and you truly get the sense she wants to best for you. I haven't been to a dentist in a decade and I didn't get a lecture from Dr. Tran, which relieved me. Instead, she talked about the future and what can be done. If you're looking for a dentist, this is it. But don't you all come here at once, I kind of want to keep her and her colleagues to myself.

Sharon M.



Excellent service
Everyone-- from the receptionist to the Hygienist to Dr. Tran were wonderful. They were very friendly, but still extremely professional. I feel very happy about my decision to start going to Dr. Tran. The office is small but very well designed/decorated. And they even show Planet Earth etc. as patients are getting work done so they have something nice to look at instead of a blank wall!

Catherine E.

Impressive Dentists
The dentist at Del Ray Smiles/ Julie D. Tran, DDS in Alexandria, VA were very thorough, informative, and quick. I would recommend them to anyone!

Patrick L.

My recent visit to Del Ray Smiles exceeded my expectations. I've had a particularly bad experience in the past with a dentist. I was extremely apprehensive and nervous. But the dental tech made me feel very comfortable and at ease. Dr. Tran also made me feel comfortable and not rushed. She answered all my questions. I had no anxiety during my visit and feel no apprehension in returning for my next dental appointment.

Diana W.


I would highly recommend Dr. Julie Tran
I had been going to the same dentist for a long time, and he was awesome. I had an emergency and needed dental care immediately because I was in a lot of pain and my regular dentist was on vacation. Julie Tran was able to see me right away, and after that visit, she became my regular dentist. She is extremely professional and competent. After my dental procedure, she even gave me her cell phone number just in case I had any problems after hours or on the weekend. I would highly recommend Dr. Tran, it is rare to find a dentist like her!

Paula H.



The staff was friendly and professional which would have been enough for me, but I was fascinated by the use of technology. Actually seeing my teeth as Dr. Tran explained some of the concerning points and what was looking good gave me a better understanding of why I need to brush and floss. When you see plaque on your teeth it's a wake-up! When I thought about not brushing after getting home late that night I remembered the video screen and grabbed my toothbrush. :)

Mariah F.


Dr. Tran and her staff make going to the dentist easier for people like me, who would rather avoid it. Friendly, attentive and understanding, and above all quality work.

Pia C.

(5 stars) This is my best dentist experience!
I would recommend Dr. Julie Tran and her team to anybody. She and her staff are very courteous, extremely personable and professional. They always treat you with lots of patience and the waiting is quite reasonable. I actually like going to the dentist now!

Alexandria F.